Why Should I Consider VoIP
for my Business

Why Should I Consider Using VoIP??

A 'traditional' phone system typically uses proprietary handsets (handsets made by the system manufacturer) and many aspects of the system have to be licensed. This often means that when you add voicemail, call recording, VoIP handsets and so on there's a significant degree of cost.

Our VoIP phone systems are completely different and typically have no or very few licensing costs whatsoever! Unlimited call recording, voice mail, call statistics and management are available at no additional cost. Adding a new user is as simple as ordering a new handset, connecting it to your network and that's it! A new executive handset can be bought for under £60.00 compared to the £150.00+ for proprietary handsets on more traditional systems.

All this makes a compelling choice to make VoIP your technology of choice.

If you prefer a 'pay as you go' option we have a 'hosted' or cloud system. Handsets in your office are connected to a phone system in the cloud and you pay a monthly fee for the service. There are no long term contracts, all you commit to is a rolling 30 day notice agreement

All the features of our on-site systems are available with the cloud system

All our systems, on-site and cloud based employ SIP trunks.

A SIP trunk is similar to a phone line and allows you to make a call to any number using your internet connection. They're more flexible, more cost effective and offer a host of features traditional phone lines can't.

You can have as many numbers on a SIP trunk as you need, they can be from any area code in the UK and display the caller's number on your handset at no extra cost! Each SIP trunk can carry one call but you can have as many of them as you need to suit your requirements.

And our flexible plans mean you never commit for more than 30 days on both numbers or SIP trunks. Add more capacity when you need it and discard when you don't!

We can usually make these changes within a few hours of your call.

Oh, and SIP trunks cost from £5.50 per channel per month! Why not Contact us and change today!